IP Management Services

We provide patent search and prosecution support service for building and maintaining optimized IP portfolio

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IP Strategy Services

We help organizations to create IP policy and processes in alignment to their business strategy

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IP Training Services

We create IP culture through our customized training and awareness programs

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Unfolding Intellectual Property Rights : A Practical Patent Guide for Researchers, Academicians and start-ups

IP Workplace

Parintek's Invention Management Platform

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Unfolding Intellectual Property Rights : A Practical Patent Guide for Researchers, Academicians and start-ups

Parintek Innovations

Building IP culture


Helps in enriching your patent profile


Identifying patentable use case.


Help in building innovation culture


Identifying new technology domain and white space

Our Edge


    Helping client to refresh IP portfolio based upon evolving business scenario.


    Support law firm in paralegal, legal document processing.


    Guiding Clients in creating valuable IP portfolio to mitigate risk and monetize key innovations.


    Develop IP policy and procedure in line with business, define framework for managing innovations

Research Updates

Parintek Innovations

IBM patents watch that transforms into an 8-panel tablet

IBM doesn’t actually make any of the mobile computers people carry these days — smartwatches, phones, tablets, or laptops —

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Parintek Innovations

Next exciting step in AI !!!

Elon Musk's Neuralink hopes to put sensors in human brains next year A 'sewing machine-like' robot implants threads directly into the brain.

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Parintek Innovations

Spinning the light: New smallest optical gyroscope

California Institute of technology has developed a new optical gyroscope and this could find its way into drones and spacecraft in the future.

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IP Strategy 101 for Startups - Webinar

Latest IP News

Book on IPR and Patent awareness by Parintek Innovations

IP awareness in India is very limited and many a times researchers, start-ups and academicians find it difficult to strategize an approach to prote

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World’s Top 300 Intellectual Property strategists by IAM

Parintek Innovations is delighted to inform that our CEO and Co-founder Sanjeev Sinha has been selected as one of the World's Top 300 Intellect

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IP Strategy 101 for Startups

 "IP Strategy 101 for Startups" IP Webinar series by Parintek

Panelist: Rajesh Singh CTO, Parintek Innovations Inc.

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