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Rational Prior Art Investigator

Parintek’s “Prior Art Investigator’s” platform gives insight(s) about the case including a claim chart for found prior-arts. Parintek keeps in mind that a found prior art does not become a threat for defendant (“Fortune-500”). The platform deals with cases covering all major jurisdictions.


Litigations, Licensing Requests

Parintek’s “Prior Art Investigator’s” platform deals with the distress of unscrupulous litigations, licensing requests and IPR’s targeted towards “Fortune-500” companies. “Fortune-500” are supposed to be an “easy” target for gaining quick returns by the patent asserters. Therefore, the platform provides ready analysis of asserted patents for easy response preparation by Law firm(s)/Corporate IP team(s).


Quality Report

Parintek’s “Prior Art Investigator’s” platform also provides an interface where one can request for a prior-art investigation.

Litigation Insights

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